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Guto Bocchi - Founder


GB3D started with the desire of our founder, Guto Bocchi, to transform Architectural and Interior Design projects into realistic Archviz. He graduated in Advertisement and during the course he discovered 3D Studio Max, and then he started to invest in the Archviz field. Back in 2006, there weren’t enough courses in Brazil related to 3D Max and Vray, so he gathered knowledge by himself. During the time he lived in London, he worked at “The GA Design Group” and improved even more his knowledge in 3D.

Why GB3D?

The 2D visualizations, plenty of times, don’t allow immagination to create well designed and finished environments. GB3D has enough knowledge to transform a 2D AutoCAD file into something much more valuable and visual, so lines turn into perfection.
Assinatura Guto Bocchi GB3D


Autodesk - 3DS MAX
Forest Pack
Adobe Photoshop
Superix - Criação de sites

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